Tannor Partners Credit Fund LP (“TPCF”) began in 2008 by Robert Tannor who had years of experience as a corporate executive at several companies and a restructuring leader at a major corporate restructuring firm in New York. Throughout its history, Tannor Partners has been a market leader in purchasing unsecured bankruptcy claims in over 400 bankruptcy cases in the United States, Canada, and some restructurings in Europe. Over time, TPCF expanded its mandate to bank loans, Debtor in Possession financings, and unsecured bonds.

In 2019, TPCF moved its offices to Santa Barbara California

Robert Tannor is on the board of director of several companies including C&K Markets in Medford Oregon and Overseas Military Cars Corporation in Westbury New York.

Robert Tannor is a member of YPO Big Apple Gold in New York City and YPO Santa Barbara.